Bringing balance in your pet, physically & emotionally

Thank you Foxy Brown for being such a wonderful patient and model!

What is Canine Massage Therapy?

You know that peaceful and relaxed feeling you get after a Swedish massage? Or when you broke a few bones and torn some ligaments, didn't your physical therapist help you recover faster? 

Much more than caresses, a canine therapeutic or sports massage is a measured technology of touch and application of strokes and massage techniques to the muscles, joints and skin favoring the ease of your companion well being physically and emotionally.

Therapeutic massages will benefit older dogs that no longer can trot or walk as they used to.  Stiffness in the joints, arthritis settling in slowly, hip dysplasia, paralysis or missing limb, all of these can affect your dog emotionally. 

Therapeutic massage techniques are applied to nourish the muscles adequately through good blood circulation and lymph flow.


We apply 3 to 4 various strokes to each muscle group:

  • Opening strokes to warm up the muscles
  • Locating strokes to feel for knots, tension and identify pain
  • Treating strokes to relieve muscle spasm/pain
  • Closing strokes to relax the muscles and set the treatment


We work hand in hand with your veterinarian to provide the best quality of life for your loved one(s). 

Massage is a co-operative modality to Western medicine and is never a substitute to veterinary medicine. Please contact your veterinarian if your dog is ill or injured.

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