Bringing balance in your pet, physically and emotionally.

Meet our very special boys and girls!
Lucky, Luna, Zephyr, Rufus, Keoki, Bear, Brooklyn and Snoopy 

Lucky's favorite spot
Massages calm Zephyr's anxiety
After a few months, Luna is now balanced
Spring Fling Festival @ RBDP
Keoki, my little grey bear
Bear, my very distinguished senior!
Brooklyn, alert and calm after her massage

Broolyn scared us all, when her neck was tilted, and could not stand on her feet. I was so happy to hear that she didn't have a stroke!  You are quite a little fighter!


Snoopy, is such an adorable Beagle.  When she isn't chasing cats, she loves taking naps, and getting her belly rubbed.  She gets so relaxed during her massage now, that, her little toungue sticks out!
Harley Sue, is my special senior girl. Almost 18 years old, and still trying to keep up with her brothers at home.
Lucky enjoying light therapy
A relaxed dog is a happy dog!
Look, mom even my whiskers are relaxing!
Best way to end a session: ZZzzz
Relaxing by the pool, after a massage
Bear strolling up the canyon, he likes to stop and eat the new grass shoots.

"Brooklyn, my 13 year old lab mix, suffered from a bout of Vestibular Disease (also known as Old Dog’s Disease). Although Vestibular Disease is basically a waiting game treated with over the counter medicine, Valerie’s massage therapy played a key role in Brooklyn’s recovery. Valerie will win the heart of any hurting dog with her expertly trained, compassionate healing touch. Thank you Valerie for bringing the grin back to my special dog." Alice S. - Torrance, CA

"I was very concerned with Snoopy's aging joints.I called 4paws2heal in hopes that the massage therapy would help with arthritic pain and her troubles with walking. Valerie has been the absolute best ever since Snoopy's first appointment. I can see how relaxed and relieved Snoopy is during her treatments and combined with the exercises Valerie has taught us, Snoopy is doing much better!"
Jasmine H. ~ Buena Park, CA