♥  When someone you love becomes a memory,
the memory becomes a treasure   ♥

♥  Dogs are like Angels without wings.  This page is dedicated to the ones who
left us, and got their wings.  May they always be remembered by the paw prints
they left in our hearts.

JoJoe  1999-2011

JoJoe, you were a very old soul, and as gentle as canines come.  I was only able to meet you twice, and wish we had more time together.  Your mom wore the angel pendant I gave her the day you took your last breath, praying for you to no longer suffer.  You went peacefully in her arms, and closed your eyes.  Rest in peace sweetheart. Valerie
Bear 1998-2011

You should have been named Rocky, as you put up a good fight till the end.  Just as you were blessed to have a wonderful mom to give you the best quality of life, I was blessed with the opportunity to learn from our massage sessions and walks.  You left a huge mark and paw print on my heart; I will greatly miss you. oxoxox  Valerie
Gus, 1998-2011

Gus last two days were spent with me cuddling, napping and eating steak :) And then he went to sleep in my arms outside under a big old tree. He was my special boy.  Alice K.

Merlin  1998 - 2010

In one of the stars I shall be shining

In one of them I shall be laughing

And so it will be

As if all the stars were laughing

When you look at the sky at night.


And there is sweetness 

in the laughter of the stars…

And in memories of those you love


- The Little Prince

Antoine de Saint Exuperry

Raindrop 1998 - 2011


She was a tough girl with people and other animals since we swiped her off the street but she was really sweet when she got to know you (with lots of hamburgers!)...I miss her so much. ~ Gigi


Raindrop, when or if she decided you were in her heart, she was a love love, but yep, just what Gigi said, she was a tough girl. I don't think so, but that's because she and my Rebel were in love, so she was my perfect daughter-in-law. I love me my Raindrop!!! ~ Kelly

Sylvester - 1997-2011


Sylvester was such a sweet boy. In his younger years he used love playing rough. I have so many fond memories of him. I used to play hide and seek with him all the time... and he would come and find me. Sometimes it would take a while for him to find me but he never gave up. He always found his mommy... oh and the excitement when he found me.... He was so proud and I was so proud of him. Always will remember the happy memories!

He brought so much joy into my life. He was my four legged fury son, my best friend, companion and teacher. He taught me so many lessons. His unconditional love changed me forever. I love him more than any words can describe! Rest in Peace sweet Angel! It's not a good-bye. It's a see you later. ♥  Julia P.

Bronco - 1997-2010


He will always be my King of the Pit Bulls that started my love affair with this noble breed on Mother's Day in 2002. I always said, "He's a lover, not a fighter!", but he proved me wrong by fighting lymphoma and leukemia into remission. But a fibrosarcoma that originated in his sinuses became too painful for him even after multiple surgeries, radiation and chemo. We freed him of his body today and I couldn't pick just one picture, so I made an album. Thank you for all you taught me, Bronco. ♥ Pam H.

Grace - 1991-2009


When she turned 17, Gracie was still kicking it strong! She was truly a miracle dog, especially at her size. Arthritis and cancer had tried to slow her down, but she had the bloodwork of a teenager and the strongest heart you had ever heard. She amazed me every day. We had to say goodbye to Gracie last year:( because her lung function had diminished too much but she almost made it to 19. ♥  Pam H.

Buster 1994 - 2009


Buster was getting old, and was very good at ignoring you when he was called.  However, there was nothing wrong with his nose!  In this picture, he had managed to steal a treat from his mom's pet store.  Caught in the act, unfortunately, he had eaten the evidence! Valerie

Barney 2001 - 2009


Barney had such a wonderful disposition, despite his handicap; he always greeted me at the door with his big happy face!  Our last two visits, I finally figured out why he was whining and barking in the middle of our session.  It was not because he was hurting, he knew that his dad bought fresh carrots, and he was crazy about them!!! Valerie

Stella 2003 - 2009


In Memory of Stella who touched so many. May your spirit guide Lisa in her healing, and her journey of becoming a canine/equine acupressure and massage practitioner.  Thank you for allowing us to practice essential oils during class, I will never forget your reaction to frankincence. Valerie
Blinc was a stray Pit Bull Terrier, and just like many others, she didn't find a family to be part of in time.