Bringing balance in your pet, physically & emotionally

Four Paws to Heal is a mobile service based in Redondo Beach,  offering Canine Therapeutic Massages in the Southern California.  Our main goal is to alleviate additional stress to your companion. What could be better than your pet being massaged in the comfort of his/her own home?

~ Pork Chop ~
~ Trina-Bones ~
~ Angel ~
~ Serena ~
~ Gus ~
~ Babalu ~
~ Scilla ~

Valerie Heath, CTMP, CSMP

Canine Therapeutic & Sports Massage Practitioner

Tel.: (310) 560-7106


Certified & Insured

~ Foxy Brown ~

No dog is too small or too big to massage!
Foxy Brown weighs 120 lbs

Kimo weighs 1.5 lbs

~ Kemo ~
~ Chester ~
~ Diamond ~

Visit the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance to learn more about animals battling peritoneal mesothelioma and how animal massage works as an alternative therapy in increasing the overall mesothelioma survival rate of those battling this disease.

The Animal Wellness Foundation

sees each animal as a unique individual. We strive to ensure all animals receive the medical care they require and the caring homes they deserve.

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Peaceful moment in Littleton, Colorado.